Just Keep Swimming!

I think it is very important that everyone knows how to swim which is why I wanted to start Sienna off swimming at a very young age.

Like doing anything new with your babies it can be very stressful ensuring you have everything you need and the worry of making sure your doing it ‘right’ but what is the right way? Heres a few things I think are important to ensure your swimming trips are enjoyable as possible.


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My First Birthday being a Mummy

Today I turned 28 and my first birthday being a mum. Luckily im not someone that dwells on age and would rather stay curled up under the duvet crying over the fact I only have 2 years until the big 30, nope I love celebrating and wanted to do something we could do all together as a family.

But..what can you do with a 3 month old?


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Top cash back

Now i don’t know about you but I love a good bargain and will spend a good 30 minutes searching around for discount codes and ways to get more or feel like I’m getting more for my money. One of the best ways I find of doing that is to get cashback for things that I am buying. There are a variety of cashback sites but the best one I have found is Top Cashback www.topcashback.co.uk

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To Dream feed or not to Dream feed? that is the question

Dreamfeeding is a term I was introduced to by my sister in law I must have been explaining how Sienna always wanted a feed only an hour after we had gone to bed and she suggested I tried dreamfeeding. It basically is what it says on the tin, you feed your baby whilst they are still asleep, I wasnt keen on the idea at first as my moto is “never wake a sleeping baby” but with parenting one thing I have learnt is to try different techniques before ruling them out as it can be surprising at what works.

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Tummy Sleeper

Tummy time is like marmite they either love it or hate it, Sienna is one of the few that loves it a little to much and will only sleep when laying on her tummy which is said to be a big no no, But someone once told me that babies do not know the rules which is true they don’t know they cant do this or that and want what they feel most comfortable doing.

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